About Me


In July 2012, I met 100 boys in juvenile prison while working as a children’s television producer. My work as a TV producer involved visiting and spending lots of time with students, their teachers and sometimes, parents. During the visits, I would plan our weekly recordings then spend the rest of the time talking to the students about purpose, integrity, courage and character.

Even though I was an untrained television producer, I used that platform to inspire the children and youth God gave me the opportunity to meet to focus on discovering the treasures God had given them as opposed to lamenting about their harsh life realities. I begun sharing the same ideals with the boys every Friday, on my off day.

Six months later, I quit my job as a TV producer in 2013 to focus on mentoring boys in juvenile prison through Lifesong Kenya.

Lifesong Kenya is a voluntary organization that seeks to empower boys in juvenile prison aged 12-17 years. I use reading, mentoring, discipleship, needles, sewing thread and buttons to empower boys and young men into becoming responsible men of character, conscience and courage.

I use part of the income I earn on Candid Writers to facilitate Lifesong Kenya’s programs and activities. I also raise funds through reading camps for children, running half marathons and taking part in triathlons. Working with boys gives me satisfaction and joy. Together, we explore purposeful living through reading, creative writing, film and music.