Upcoming Event

We will be holding shaving and hair blow drying event on the first week of every month for the boys and girls in our mentorship programme.

We need resources, finances and volunteers to help shave and blow dry, motivational speakers, counsellors and evangelizers of the Word of God.

Sponsorship is from Kshs. 50. We need sanitary pads, toothpaste, tissue paper, underwear, shaving machines, blow driers, books, vaseline, shoes, toys, hair shampoo and conditioners and so on

Call, email or inbox

Cynthia Love: 0704 355 288, cynthiawendo@gmail.com
Edward Mbogo Nyatti: 0726 603 609, edward@nikohapa.com
Jared Omoke: 0727 699 250, omoke.junior@gmail.com
Loch Hawi James: 0724 411 109, ojamesouma@gmail.com

Lifesong KENYA: lifesongkenya@gmail.comINSIDE GIRL


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