Are You Letting Life Pass You By?


My friends and I practically grew up on watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. One of the things that made him a hit with us was the fact that he could kick butt and do one-liners at the same time. There is place in one of his movies where he grabs a catch, turns him upside down in the mouth of a hole and just before he drops him, he says, “Remember Sully when I promised to kill you last?, I LIED!”

One thing is for sure. When Arnold Schwarzenegger promised he would back, he made sure he came back! And because of that, he became my hero.

I believe I am not the only one because there are hundreds of heroes out there that people follow such Superman, Captain America, or perhaps Angel Di Maria!  We are usually so busy following the lives of our heroes we seldom have time to live our own lives. Most of the times, we just let life pass us by.

Every person, right from childhood, has someone they look up to, someone they want to be like. That is why our children compel us to buy school bags, clothes and all kinds of accessories that they think will turn them into Commando, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Halle Berry or Angel Di Maria.  It is a good thing, actually, to have someone you look up to. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of living our own lives. It certainly shouldn’t be at the expense of letting life pass by. We stop living our lives when we admire, adore (bordering worship) and want to be like our heroes. While we may want to have their biceps, six packs and hair (for ladies) all this is vanity.

We live in a world that is desperately crying out for a hero. A hero who will stand out from the crowd. A hero who doesn’t ebb and flow with the current. A hero who has never been seen before. A hero who is just another ordinary person, just like you and I. Instead of waiting to become or achieve what our heroes became and achieved, we should be willing to be ourselves and live our lives.

We should stop pretending that we are our heroes, take off their masks and allow the real and authentic us to come out into the world. That is the kind of a hero that the world is waiting for. Whatever you do, remember to bring the real and authentic you the next time you go to church, to the office and back to your house and family.

Have a heroic week, will ya?

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