Be of Good Cheer, Jesus Has Heard You

Pastor James Mwangi Munyiri
Mark 10:46-52

2014 is almost over and since life is dynamic, we are constantly in transit. Changes come and go; both the ones we are prepared for and the ones we are not. We therefore need to lean on Jesus Christ Whose unchanging nature we can always depend on. You may be going through a trying season that makes you think your case is beyond salvaging. The same Lord Jesus Who hearkened to the desperate cry of Bartimaeus is ever waiting to visit you.

The healing of Bartimaeus is yet another perfect example that is never too busy to give each and every single one of us a listening ear. Bartimaeus was a blind begger who begged by the roadside.

I picture Bartimaeus asking what all the commotion was all about and someone explaining that Jesus was passing by. And because he had heard about Jesus, Bartimaeus cried out in a loud voice. The crowd, that was made up of people who were used to ignoring the blind beggar, warned him to keep quiet. The crowd probably thought Bartimaeus was going to ask for spare change. But Bartimaeus, knowing what he wanted kept crying out until Jesus answered his desperate cry.

You might have had numerous plans for 2014 and maybe you are thinking of throwing in the towel because the year is about to end. You need to keep hoping, keep believing and keep trying while focussing your eyes on Jesus Christ. Adopt the attitude that enabled Bartimaeus to beat all the odds and access his breakthrough and blessing.

As you continue trusting God to accomplish 2014 on a triumphant note, ponder on the following:

Do not allow your lack of success or inadequacy put you down.

Be a person of faith and back it up with the Word of God.

Focus on your blessing and remain steadfast in your conviction to get your blessing and breakthrough.

One last thing: Jesus restores us so we can disciple others.

Have a successful month of November full of God’s favor, blessing and victory!


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