The God of Suddenly


Genesis 37, 39, 40 and 41

The word SUDDENLY means quickly and unexpectedly. The story of how God elevated Joseph from the pit to the palace can be likened to the growth of a bamboo. A bamboo has the kind of strength that surpasses wood, brick or concrete and rivals steel. The above scriptures details Joseph’s development that I advice you to read in your own time. Before then, allow me to share the following story.

One day, a man planted a bamboo seedling. Though nothing sprouted from the ground, the man kept watering the ground. He kept doing this for the first, second, third and fourth year and still, there was no bamboo growing. Suddenly, in the fifth year, a shoot of the bamboo sprouted from the ground. Six weeks later, the bamboo grew ninety feet tall!

Even though nothing materialized for five years, the bamboo was developing deep roots that were going to sustain its rapid growth. The sudden fast growth that happens in a period of six weeks after the bamboo is visible is as a result of its unshakable deep roots and foundation.

You may be wondering what the heck this has to do with you. Trust me, there is a relationship. May be, just like me, you have waited for too long and you could be on the verge of giving up. Let me share the good news with you. The God of suddenly is very much involved in the business of raising those who faithfully wait upon Him.

Just like the bamboo, we cannot grow on our own. We need nourishment from sunlight, water and from being taken care of. Pray, trust and wait on God to bring the right people whose wisdom and experience will nourish and grow you towards your destiny. Take time and patiently develop strong roots and a foundation that will hold you together.

God will keep adding more people who will offer you the opportunities to explore your strengths and at the same time, learn from your mistakes. Only then will you grow to your full potential. Remember; the past, the present and the future does not belong to us alone. We therefore must allow both the new and old, spiritually immature and mature, the learned and the unschooled to blend and function in harmony as we continue discipling and winning souls for Christ.

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence,” – Mark Twain


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