Behind Every Hero Lies a Story


We all admire and enjoy hearing or watching heroes. I personally grew up admiring, and really wanted to meet, my heroes who I knew through reading and heard on radio. Well, I have had the chance of meeting most of them, and strangely enough, I didn’t end up talking to them. They were either too busy or they didn’t have a clue about mentoring a protege.

I have also come to learn that heroes – both factual and fiction – are just ordinary people, just like you and I. A, true, story is told of a 15-year old boy who used to sell roasted groundnuts by the roadside in Malindi.

A certain lady used to see and pass him everyday by the roadside. Soon, she began buying from him. After consitently buying from him, the woman suddenly started getting inherited in the boy’s life.

One day, she decided to take the boy to school. Right now, he is a pilot and I am looking for him so he can come and inspire my children to live a purpose-ful life and pursue their dreams and goals in life.

Listen to me, keep working toward achieving your dream. No matter what happens, keep reminding yourself…



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