David vs Goliath


One day, a little boy took his family’s goat to drink water at the crocodile-infested river. Being the only material possession that his family had, the boy loved the goat with all his heart and soul. As the goat started to drink water, a crocodile sprang from the river and grabbed hold of the goat’s long horns.

The little boy was helpless. He couldn’t shout or run for help because home was far away. Besides, the crocodile was strong and gigantic. As the crocodile kept pulling the goat, the boy grabbed hold of the goat’s legs. The strong crocodile began pulling, both the boy and the goat deep into the river.

Suddenly, the boy took off his oversized shirt, that one of his uncles had given him as a Christmas gift, and threw it over the crocodile’s nose. Then he began hitting the crocodile with the stick he had not let go of all this time. Then he began screaming at the top of his lungs.

Two men who were herding nearby heard him and came running to his rescue. The whole village was amazed when they heard how the boy had saved his family’s goat by standing up to the crocodile.

“But how did you manage it?” the village chief asked the little boy.
“It is simple,” the little boy replied with a smile. “I just realized that the goat needed me and there was no one to tell me I couldn’t do it!”

Chasing after our dreams can be a daunting task, especially when you are surrounded by people who don’t believe in you. You can overcome this obstacle by turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to such people by holding onto your dreams, faith and belief that you will, you can and must achieve your dreams and goals in life. When you do your best, God does the rest.

Do not give up, no matter what. I double, and, tripple dare you not to. Keep going strong and have a life song. See you at the top!


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