The Art of Flower Catching

Picture2Flower catching is a tradition that is part and parcel of every wedding ceremony. And since there are many weddings coming up, flower catching is an art that every single lady in the Music Team ought to invest time, skill and energy in. It is something that calls for practice, anticipation and strategy.

In years long gone by, a bride did not expect to wear her wedding dress again. The dress was therefore considered to be a source of good luck and a fertility charm. After the wedding ceremony, single women would chase the bride and rip off pieces of her wedding dress. And as the years went by, and wedding dresses became more expensive women begun keeping their wedding dresses, either as a memento or to pass on to a daughter for her wedding day.

To prevent single women from ripping the wedding dress, brides began throwing other objects as a distraction, and with time; the flower bouquet became the most traditionally thrown object. The wedding bouquet that is made up flowers symbolizes fertility. Even though catching a bouquet has its own meanings and implications to different people, the competition to catch the bouquet can become a violent stampede that can result in serious injuries.

Tips for successful bouquet catching

  • Check out your competition and have a strategy
  • Stand still and know the battle is the LORD’s
  • Believe you are a conqueror
  • Take a deep breath when the bride is about to throw the flower
  • Keep your eyes on the bouquet all the time
  • Grab the bouquet and pump your arms in the air
  • Celebrate your achievement by taking a selfie

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