Playing Skillfully – Notes from Pastor Liz, March 14, 2015

Bible reference: Psalm 33:1-4, 2 Chronicles 20:21-24, Ephesians 4

As the body of Christ, every believer is a minister and every member is important right from the worship leaders, main back up, background vocalists, instrumentalists and the guy whose main duty is turning on the air fan during ministry at the altar.

Team work is very important since there is ONLY one VISION. For where there is division diversion reigns supreme. The vision that we have is lighter when everyone participates. Remember, Diana wasn’t able to carry Shadee when she was alone, but when four other ladies joined her, it was easier. However Shadee became heavier by the minute because they thought he was getting heavier.

One guy wasn’t able to carry Shadee on his own until three more guys joined him. But the moment one of them dropped the part he was carrying; their VISION of carrying Shadee started getting difficult. This means that we need to stay focused by equally participating and appreciating (valuing, cherishing, treasuring and respecting) the participation of other members however small their contribution might be.

Because God has gifted us we should not be proud. Instead, we should Be Approachable, Humble and Mature. To be effective worshippers we need to:–

  1. Invest in our skill

Skill has two dimensions i.e. spiritual and physical. It is giving God our highest and our best by using what we have for His worship, praise, glory and honor. When you are not using your gift and doing your best, it ceases from being a tool of worship and it stops from being a skill.

  1. Character Development

Skill is about character development. It is important to know our overall individual PURPOSE and PLACE. We are effective as a team when each person performs their roles and does it to their best. We should complement each other as opposed to competition and fighting. We should therefore shun away from things and actions that cause gossip, strife, malice, hatred, envy, jealousy and distrust amongst fellow music team members.

We should be quick to pray, quick to offer a word of encouragement and affirmation to other team members and do things that create harmony as opposed to dissension. We can’t give people what we don’t have. And therefore, we should be the sources of what we want to see manifest in others and the congregation at large.

Battles are won, people get healed, marriages and relationships get restored and people experience all manners of breakthroughs when people worship in unison, spirit and truth. We can attain this only when we excel and progress in our gift and use it to profit and benefit others. For this to happen, we need to totally surrender and allow God to build and develop our character.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Just as fish and birds don’t swim and fly once a year, we should aim to practice constantly, 7 days a week, at least 30 minutes every day. Google and search online voice training videos that are aimed at improving skills.

  1. Preparation

Leading worship needs thorough preparation. During worship ministry all of us are worship leaders and the success of an effective and powerful worship session depends on our preparation before and participation during the session.

Spending time in studying the Word of God, praying in the Spirit, being intentional in our fasting and practicing songs are things that help prepare us. This will prove how serious we are using what God has given us a gift and a tool to worship Him. Write down what the Spirits speaks to you during your devotion and time spent with God.

  1. Voice practice

Relaxation and breathing is key to effective worship. Rid your body of all tension by relaxing and taking it easy. Keeping time and having discipline helps one relax, therefore, we should keep time. Laughter is a good way of working on your vocal chords.


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