10 Wildest Places to Road Race

Road Racing offers every driver to indulge their fast-and-furious self

Vrooom…! That is what you are dying to do ever since you got your hand on your new set of wheels. You have just gotten everything fixed and you are ready to go. All that is left is the ideal location that will whet your appetite for a road race. Fortunately, there are numerous locations you can head to for your ultimate wildest places to road race.

Sometimes, a man needs to put his latest toy to the limit by legally racing the speed limit without the fear of getting a ticket for it. Driving fast comes with a load of fun. The only challenge is that in real life, people can get hurt when you race down the street in the neighbourhood. Even if nobody gets hurt, you may end up in jail or may pay a hefty fine which isn’t a good way to spend your hard earned money.

The best way to spend both your time and money is finding locations where you can indulge yourself in high speed road racing in an environment where crashes and fatalities are reduced. To cap it all, you will have the privilege of racing with police approval and supervision. What about that? Road racing isn’t complete until it is a mixture of an all-encompassing adventure, the ultimate challenge, danger, speed and excitement that every driver worth his salt yearns for.

Off-road Racing CarNow every driver has the opportunity to have the opportunity to road race under his belt. Road racing offers an amazing amount of open categories that suits individual needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or just cutting your teeth as a driver. You will find something to whet your road racing appetite. It is as easy as strapping your seatbelt, stepping on the pedal and vroooom, off you go.

10 Wildest Places to Road Race

  • Qualcomm Stadium, Carlifornia
  • No Problem Raceway Park, Lousiana
  • Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club, Colorado
  • No Bull Street Car Series, New Mexico
  • Lime Rock Park, Connecticut
  • Junkyard Dragway, Mississippi
  • Prairie Hills Motorsport Club, Indiana
  • Redline Raceway, Texas
  • Monticello Motor Club, New York
  • Firebird Raceway, Idaho

Final Thoughts

Wildest places to road race offers every driver the opportunity to settle scores arising from the movie Fast and Furious as well as making friends with other racing enthusiasts. Drivers can sign up for membership, learn from seasoned drivers as they engage in legal racing.


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