Why Africa Needs More Dogs Than Political Leaders

dog and bird
That we are allowing bad things to happen under our noses should cause every African to think twice
I have just watched the news brief on NTV and a scrolling text referring to Burundi led me to the BBC news website, where a story about an Australian farmer’s use of dogs to save endangered penguins convinces me that Africa needs more dogs than political leaders.
When a group of penguins faced being wiped out by foxes a chicken farmer sent his Maremma dogs to protect the birds, the BBC reports.The rescue operation has been so successful they are making a movie out of it!
Back to African news…


A travel warning has been issued US citizens to leave Burundi “as soon as it is feasible to do so”. Though the US rights group, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called for an investigation into the killings, it breaks my heart that while an Australian farmer’s rescue efforts are being turned into a film, corrupt (East) African leaders and their wasteful entourages are being accepted abroad without foreign travel warnings being slapped on them.
When your neighbour’s house is on fire, you help find a solution long before your own house catches fire. How I pray that we would have more dogs out there to prevent African leaders from travelling abroad until we find long lasting homegrown solutions to the problems facing Africa. Many children are being left without a father-figure while the fathers in leadership positions are blundering resources right, left and centre while the majority populace made up of youth are busy tweeting about the loss and gain that Manchester United and Arsenal have experienced this past weekend.
The fact that there is nothing I can to save the situation, escalates my hopelessness the more. My heart is bleeding for Mama Africa and her children, my very own children…
Africa’s new killing fields
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