Running for My Life Day 5: Courage and Consistency

The Windmills of Ngong

Running in Ngong isn’t like what I had been used to. I have stayed in 8 different places in Nairobi and in each one of them I managed to maintain my morning run routine. But it seemed like I was a lone ranger. Things are different in Ngong.

Groups of runners can be seen running throughout the day, and because our house is close to the windmills, I see hundreds of runners pass by on a daily basis. I am sure I am crossing paths with the same runners I will be competing against during the Shompole Wildlife Marathon in March. We wave and pass by each other, strands of steam coming forth from our seating backs and laboured breath,

Unlike my first run on Sunday, I worked on my breathing as well as praying for the hundreds of children trooping on their way to school. I try to pray to as many children as I can, including the adults I encounter along the way.

I thank God for enabling me to acquire my runner’s tag and number. Jim Buttons is written across it. Just imagine that! Jim Buttons will be running in his first marathon! From sewing buttons to running in a marathon! What a Mighty God we serve.

Sewing torn clothes and replacing buttons for children in Baragoi, December, 2014

Growing List of Supporters

I also thank God for the two friends who have joined my growing list of supporters. The list of people who have pledged $1 per kilometre that I will run in the 20 K event has now grown to 10 friends. I thank God for giving me the consistency and courage that I need as I continue growing Lifesong Kenya. To God be all the praise, glory and honor!

Song of the Day: Diamonds – Hawk Nelson

#TheMakingofJimButtons #RunningofMyLife #LifesongKenya#ShompoleWildlifeMarathon

“Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway,” Robert Anthony


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