Running for My Life Day 8: The Power of Zero Focus

The Power of Zero Focus

Running for my life isn’t just about running. Eight days have come and gone, since I begun running for my life. Things are taking shape and I am learning lots of lessons along the way. Today, I run my first marathon in my mind as I took a much deserved rest from physical running. While I was resting, discovered I have other marathons that include my marriage, mission, writing and walk in Christ.

Finding a healthy balance is going to be a tough nut to crack. While thinking about maintaining a healthy balance is easier, focusing on it is the hard part.

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has two definitions that are of interest of my focus today.

  1. Giving attention or effort to one particular subject, situation or person rather than another
  2. Adapting or to be adjusted (camera, lens, light) so that things can be seen clearly.

Personally, focusing is a daily struggle. There are lots of distractions out there. What with Ranelle and Karanja singing ‘Hello from the other side…’ more than a hundred times every day without singing the next line? Their singing used to exasperate me, until I learned it is their mom’s ringtone. Since then, I am learning to co-exist with their singing in order to focus on the things that matter the most to me.

Why we need to focus

Focusing on one thing and doing it well is a door opener. It enables you to master that one thing that you are good at. It defines you. It enables you to have rest and peace of mind. It enables you to achieve your goals in life. It brings you before kings and avails treasures to you.

There is a talk on TEDx by Cobhams Asuquo titled ‘The Gift of Blindness.’ Despite being blind, Asuquo has nurtured many singers in Nigeria because he has mastered the art of focusing. In many of his speaking engagements, Asaquo encourages and challenges people to be blind where the art of focusing is concerned. His outlook in life is a lesson that is worth sharing.

  1. Do not excuse failure for any reason, on any account
  2. Trust, even when there’s no reason to
  3. Be blind, to be focused

You won’t achieve your goals unless you zero in on something and give it all of your focus. Whatever it is, I pray that God will give you the courage, strength and the resources you need to accomplish you goal. I also pray that you will turn a blind eye to the distractions that will prevent you from focusing. And just like Cobhams Asuquo, who I am looking forward to meeting one day, I hope you will enjoy the fruits of your focus and that your story will be the inspiration that will spur someone else into focused living.


I had to prove that there are many things I can do because I’m blind, and that there are many things I have done because I’m blind,”- Cobhams Asuquo


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