Doing Dishes, Wall Climbing, and 10,000 Hours

Singing Songs of Hope

In spite of deeply-rooted introvert tendencies, having family together this week showed me that life really is better (and a heck of a lot more fun) when it’s done with other people.

Doing Dishes

Parents, two brothers, and me- we’re only together about twice a year, and this time I got to spend quality time with each person.

Mum and I made soup together, baked cheesecake together, did dishes together (how did I manage to forget that washing up with someone else is much more fun than taking turns?). Dad and I watched dog-training videos on Youtube and films on TV (everything from 1960s war movies to the Hobbit).

I don’t play video games, but I sat beside my brothers as they played while I knit a hat. Even though we weren’t doing the same thing, our proximity allowed us to talk in ways that we don’t get to during the year.

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