Behold; An Open Door

The Prodigal Son


A young man once asked for his inheritance from his father. Upon receiving it, he went to a faraway town, where he soon squandered all of it. After some time, the young man’s situation got so worse he wanted to eat with pigs he was feeding as a farm hand. Having coming to his senses, the young man returned home where his father threw him a welcoming party. When the young man’s elder brother heard about the party, he got angry and failed to see the opportunities that had been available to him all along.

Lessons we can learn

  • God’s pattern of blessing is diverse

Remaining focused on building our relationship with the LORD enables us to see that God’s blessing isn’t the same. If you have friends who don’t affirm you, you need to shift your alliances. For some of us, it may call for moving houses, changing jobs and changing the way we see ourselves.

We need to discover that God’s pattern for blessing each one of us is different. He doesn’t use the same method. Until you discover this, you will never the see the door that is wide open for you.

  • Don’t settle for less

Key in LockThe second son lived miserably due to his slave mentality. His anger and bitterness towards his father and brother caused him not to see the open door of opportunities that had been wide open. All he had to do was ask for a fat calf so he could throw a party for his friends.

  • Ask for what you want

I like the kind of attitude that my daughter has. I am normally a good cook, but one night I overcooked macaroni and it looked all mashed up. While my son simply ate without saying anything, my daughter insisted that I cook another plate of macaroni. Because she insisted, I had to give in to her demands. That is a perfect example of a person who knows and asks for what she As a result, I am learning how to ask for what I want.

  • Know who you are in the Lord

Stop comparing yourself with others. You are a marvelous wonder and a walking miracle! It doesn’t matter what others see in you; or what you think about yourself. You are a miracle and a precious child of God. Most of the time, the door may be wide open for us but unless we know who we are in Christ, we may fail to see the many opportunities available to make lemonade from what others may see us challenges.

  • Refuse to sit

Set goals that are in relation to who you are and where you would like to be. It doesn’t matter what your current situation and current circumstances are. Determine where you want to stay, what you want to eat, what you want to wear and what kind of car you want to drive. See yourself progressing and ask for what you truly deserve as a child of God. As children of God, we do not live by sight but by faith.

Sermon Notes

Reverend Judy Anabwani, CITAM Ngong, January 17, 2016




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