Marriage, Shopping Malls and Melvin’s Tangawizi


Three days ago, I attended a wedding that brought fresh memories to my mind. As the bride walked – with her parents on either side and the best maid behind her – towards her waiting soon to be husband, she didn’t show any sign of being in a hurry. She was taking her sweet time, as if she had just emerged from watching and listening to Pumbaa and Timon sing ‘Hakuna Matata‘ in the movie Lion King. And as she walked, Luciano’s ‘Perfect Love‘ kept booming from the church public address system. 

Ooohh perfect love,
Perfect love, ever my darling
As warm as the summer sun
As cool as the winter breeze
Reflection away beyond that’s how you seem to be
Mother of queens and kings
The patience you alone that bring
That’s how I know I really want you to be mine

Am gonna hold you and cherish you
And keep you for all time
I love you, respect you and keep you satisfied
Let me take you in my arms
And protect you from the storms
I fill you with my charm
By keeping you warm

I was like, ‘why is she walking to Luciano’s song?’

But I realized; and will keep on realizing, that there is much more to a bridal procession song than just lyrics, chorus and beats. This being so, a couple needs to understand that their marriage vows begins the moment the bride walks in tune to the couple’s choice of a bridal procession song.

She better not answer her husband’s ‘where’s the perfect love‘ question in the coming future with, “I didn’t promise you perfect love. That was Luciano singing!” This shouldn’t be heard of from her husband either.


A few hours later, my wife and I went to Nakumatt Supermarket. Now, shopping isn’t one of my soon-to-start-list-of-things-to-like list unless it is for Paulo Coelho’s latest novel. But I have come to learn that my wife enjoys shopping and looking at things we don’t intend to buy or use at home. Take, Melvin’s Tangawizi Tea Bags, for instance. We don’t use them, but my wife will spend a whole 30 minutes reading the packets as if she is studying for a master’s degree on ginger tea leaves.

In the past, before I learned a very valuable lesson, I would tell her, “Melvin doesn’t manufacture tea bags, remember!” I also used to get frustrated every time she insists we should head to the TV section where she will compare the current price with the one we bought the TV at. And because the price has changed more than twenty times in the past two months, she is mad we didn’t wait.

Now, I don’t get mad anymore. In fact, I am starting to enjoy shopping with her. I am working out a plan that will bring joy to all married men who still accompany their wives to the supermarket. I am going to convince the management of Nakumatt Supermarket to have a deal for men, such as a glass of juice, a mobile trolley where a man can sit while his wife reads Melvin’s Tangawizi Tea packet.

As I am still doing this, let me tell you how I am using my wife’s procession song to good effect. It is the only thing that enables me to retain my cool and remain calm. I know it is only a matter of time before the Nakumatt Supermarket accepts my proposal. But right now, I mumble the words of the procession song that my wife walked to during our wedding. So, the next time you are in the supermarket and see a bald-headed guy mumble words of a song while pushing a trolley, chances are it could be me. Just make sure you can read… “You made me better today” from his mumbling lips.





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