The God of Baby Steps

Road Map Challenge 4

Yesterday was my birthday. My biggest desire was to read a story to a group of children, sew buttons for five boys, eat fish and marvel at what God is doing in my life. The first three didn’t happen, not because I didn’t give it my all. After arriving at the school, my wife and I waited for the opportunity to meet the headteacher so we could ask for permission to do what had taken us there.

Five minutes turned into ten, then twenty, thirty and forty-five. Since we still had other chores and meetings to attend to, we had to leave. By the time we came back home, the fish guy had already closed shop! But I had a wonderful birthday. And as I kept marveling at what God is doing in my life, I kept finding reasons why trusting and having faith in God pays.

Baby Steps

As I celebrated my birthday, I took time to marvel at what God is doing in my life. Just the day before, my wife and I had the opportunity to speak to a group of university students about life, marriage and ministry. I had originally been asked to speak about life and goal setting for one hour. That is a lot of time, especially for one whose English isn’t as polished. While I can always talk about life and using buttons as a way of ministry, being asked to talk about marriage, when we have just been married for three months, was like pushing the two of us into the deep end of the ocean where sharks abound.

But I am never one to back out from any challenge, however big. I went down on my knees and spoke to God because doing so helps, a lot! God has been faithful. He has used every baby step of faith I have taken and used it for His glory and honor. Previously, we didn’t have fuel but God provided just in the nick of time and we were able to meet and minister to the students at Strathmore University!

Now, Lifesong Kenya is an organization that God has sustained through the small things that you and I would take for granted. Who would have known that by using my writing and buttons I would one day be speaking to university students inside a lecture hall? Who knew that God would bless a jobless and lost man with a wonderful wedding and wife?

The day I had my wedding, I saw God’s Mighty Hand and Presence. Our wedding was one of a kind, in so many ways. We had started off with a zero budget and God turned it into a mighty blessing. I doubt whether most of the people I shared my desire to get married believed it was going to happen. My wife and I had blind faith in God to provide and stop the October el nino rains from falling. And you know what, He did it! I wasn’t able to sing and dance the way my wife did. But I believe she did it for the two of us.

In closing, I would like to humbly urge you not to despise your baby steps and humble beginnings. Look at them as a launching pad. Besides, you can not climb a tree from the top. The only way you can climb a tree from the top is when your parachute has been caught on top of it and the only way to go, is DOWN. You can not be a CEO if you are not prepared to start off as a cleaner or tea girl.

The Bible and God’s promises are alive in our lives. When we tap into God’s Presence, believing Him with all our hearts and minds, He comes through for us. Surrender to Him today and allow Him to take over. That is how Proverbs 18:15-16 will come alive in your life.

“The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men”


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