Running for My Life Day 49

running for my life day 49
Progress comes in small chunks

I can’t believe that 49 days have already come and gone while there are 31 days left before my first half-marathon on March 20th. There is so much that has been going on and I have lost many training sessions as a result. It is one thing to sign up for a marathon, that takes a few seconds. Preparing for it, is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy – what with my crazy schedule balancing my work for Lifesong Kenya, my many volunteer responsibilities, growing my career as an online writer and the biggest of them all; marriage.

For some reason, I thought the marathon was going to happen this weekend until I got a call from Manda Njoroge, one of my best friends. But before that, my mind went into panic mode as I begun running the marathon in my mind. Much as I knew I was ill-prepared to run this Saturday, I knew there was no backing out. I was going to run, no matter what happened or failed to happen during my preparation for it.

I am running, for so many reasons and that’s why I am referring to it as running for my life! I am running on three fronts – marriage, ministry and mentoring the growing list of young men under my wing. Now that I have been reminded that I still have a month to prepare, I am as determined as ever to keep running, for my life. The most amazing thing is that I already have a list of supporters who have pledged to raise $1 for every kilometre that I will be running in the 1oK event. Every dollar earned will be used to fund Lifesong Kenya’s activities. One of them, Eric Simba, sent his pledged one month ago which is a daily reminder that I am going to achieve my fundraising plans for this year.

So far, students from Strathmore University and Oshwal Academy have visited Lifesong Kenya projects while we have had our first sewing and mentoring session in Naivasha. We are on track and believe that everything is possible. Now back to the marathon.

The Shompole Wildlife Marathon is one of Kenya’s most scenic marathon, held in the vast wilderness of the Shompole Wildlife Conservancy and features an abundant natural habitat densely habited by zebras, wildebeests, giraffes e.t.c. It will be my maiden marathon run and I know that every little thing I will be doing in the next 30 days will count towards having a successful run. Going to Lifesong Kenya’s projects also offers an opportunity to walk as a form of exercise and preparation. I am going to use such opportunities to do what Reverend Desmond Tutu advises about eating elephants.

running for my life day 49



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