Spots of Random Acts of Kindness


Spots of Random Acts of Kindness

(Running for My Life Day 135)

4 days ago, a friend I met during my first ever fundraising half marathon offered to sacrifice her spot so I can run my second marathon this Sunday on 15th May 2016. I remember waking up that morning feeling gloomy, disappointed and frustrated. It isn’t easy raising funds for my kind of work and to run half marathons to do so is plain asking for way too much from myself.

But with the passage of time, my running has begun becoming much more than a means to raise money. Most of the people who had my intentions for running during my first marathon kept wondering why I would to such painful lengths as running half marathons to raise funds, get sanitary pads, panties, underwear, story books, sewing threads and assorted buttons for my work through Lifesong Kenya.

Well, signing up for marathons costs money, which I desperately need most of the time. Even after deciding to start shaving myself at home, to save money and having the most understanding wife a man can ask for, I still didn’t have enough money to register for the marathon.


Waking Up to a Dark Rainy Monday

I woke up on Monday for my usual morning run. It was dark, drizzling and windy. My whole body, mind and soul screamed in protest when it discovered what I was going to put it through – yet again. My body knew I wasn’t going to run after putting it through a lot of physical and mental stress since my last marathon which was on 20th of March this year. After the marathon I started running three times in a week in all sorts of weather. My body had to adapt to running in the heat of the day, during the rain and the many times my body and mind went through a power struggle. The prospect of missing out on my second marathon made my morale to dip towards its lowest mark. As I run that morning thoughts of giving up attacked my mind as the rains pelted my face and threatened to drown all my positive self-talk.

A few minutes after the run, I was on Facebook when a chat I was having with a friend changed everything. Unlike the other times I have been running, I run 10K.

“I thought you were training and running 20km,” one of my friends asked. “What happened?”

“I wasn’t able to register for the Lukenya Trails Marathon and don’t know whether I’ll be able to make it,” I replied. “I feel disappointed as a result”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” she said. “I is discouraging but don’t give up until marathon day, tough to hang on but what’s the alternative?”

I didn’t reply. I signed out of Facebook. Then the friend who had offered to give me her spot sent me a message.

“James, you take my spot. I have spoken with the organizers and they have agreed,” she said. “This means much more to you,” she added.

Random Acts of Kindness

Later that day, another friend offered to pay for my transport to the venue and other needs while my wife has agreed to drive me there on Sunday morning. I don’t take all of these sacrifices for granted.

What the three friends and my wife have done to make my dream of running come true has deeply touched my heart and given me hope for the children I have met through Lifesong Kenya. Whether I raise more funds or not, doesn’t matter anymore. I am running for my life and appreciate all the friends I am meeting along the way. Mere words can never convey my deepest feelings and appreciation. This Sunday’s run is just going to be about being grateful about the spots of random acts of kindness that God has brought in my life.  ‪#‎TheMakingofJimButtons ‪#‎LifesongKenya ‪#‎RunningforMyLife



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