Finding My Rhythm

Finding a rhythm requires consistency

Consistent running isn’t an easy thing, especially if you are not a professional athlete. I have been running since the beginning of 2016. While I am yet to hit the kind of consistency that will be satisfactory, I am satisfied with the milestones I have achieved so far. Finding my rhythm is one of them.

Finding my rhythm

I had set to run 10 marathons this year. I have only managed to do 3 of them so far, which equals to 52 kilometres. I have also managed to run a total of 600 kilometres during my weekly training sessions. Combined together, I have done 652 kilometres this year.

I have confirmed two events that require swimming, biking and running. This seems to be a tall order. It is ages since I rode a bike while my swimming isn’t worth shouting about.

While I can manage to resume my swimming lessons, I doubt whether I will manage to get a bike. This means that I might swim then run the rest of the distance. Better still, I can simply run  the whole distance without swimming and biking.

What my running has become

My main objective for running was to raise funds for Lifesong Kenya. This is still my goal. But I would be lying if I said that raising funds is my motivating factor. I did raise money during my first marathon, which happened in March. I managed to raise a total of Kshs. 19, 000. Since then, I haven’t raised a shilling, despite my efforts to do so.

Instead, running has become my way of:-

  • connecting to God
  • putting things in their right perspective
  • regaining my strength
  • getting ideas for my writing
  • renewing my vision
  • becoming a better man

Final Thoughts

I have realized that my work with Lifesong Kenya doesn’t depend on funding and having the right connections. In fact, everything I have accomplished and managed to do in the past has happened by the Hand of God. Everything that I am and have is as a result of God’s abounding love, goodness and mercy.

I will gladly continue to collect sewing thread, needles and buttons for my work. I will continue running and have bigger goals like taking part in the London or New York Marathon. I will also keep believing in a better world for boys who are in juvenile prison. Above all else, I will continue doing my best and leave the rest to God. It is strange that I had to run 652 kilometres to find my rhythm.




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