The Principle of the Sower

A farmer envisions a bountiful harvest as he prepares land            Photo by Corien Herweijer

When a sower prepares land, he doesn’t see dirt. He envisions how the harvest looks and feels in his hands. He sees his barn full of a bountiful harvest. That is the principle that we need to embrace in our life.

The Principle of the Sower

Say you are a man who desires to get married. You are without a job, bank account or the right connections. The lady you have identified is so empowered she doesn’t need high heels in order to hold her head high. Chances are, you don’t stand a chance and don’t meassure up. It is like going to battle when you know you have already lost.
The truth is, she is a queen waiting for her king. The more you delay, the more your chances of serving during her wedding increases. You and I know that you don’t want to play any role other than being her groom! So what do you do? Do you whine, complain and wish you had a fat bank account or the right connections?

Sowing the right seeds 

Take the bull by the horns. Gather courage and ask her out for a date even if all you have will afford a plate of githeri and tea and Mama Mariamu’s hotel. As you walk towards her, you need to do the following. See yourself waiting for her at the altar, kissing her and whisking her away to your honeymoon destination. Be able to see her white gown, silver shoes and clutch purse. See the two of you cutting your wedding cake and popping the champagne bottle. Watch her toss a bouquet of flowers in the air, and forsake every seed of doubt in your mind.
Do not take ‘No’ for an answer. Up your game by putting your mind to it. Besides, if it doesn’t scare the heck out of you , then she isn’t worth it. And why would you seek anything that doesn’t cost you. Start by beliving you it is going to be possible, pursue her and God will make it happen.
Doesn’t it say in Hebrews 11:1 that faith is the substance of things hoped for and things not seen? Why would it say so, if faith was about things that already exist? Look unto the LORD’s capability to make things happen instead of looking at your past and present circumstance. Stop looking at your debts, lack of qualifications and connections and connect to Him who showers the bare ground and waters planted seeds.

Steps that lead to a harvest

That was just an exmaple. The principle of sowing applies across board. Just substitute the above example with your preferred goal and you are good to go. A farmer performs the following steps:-
  • Land preparation
  • Seed selection
  • Seed sowing
  •  Watering and irrigation (rain)
  • Crop growth
  • Fertilizing
  •  Harvesting

In conclusion

Interestingly, a farmer is able to see the kind of harvest he will be having as he prepares the land. He is able to do so by knowing what seeds he is going to sow. A farmer sows maize seeds and expect to harvest maize. He doesn’t expect beans after sowing seeds of wheat. The same applies to the kind of results we desire to achieve.
You don’t sow seeds of barreness, doubt and fear and expect to reap success. It doesn’t happen that way. Plant seeds of faith, hope, joy, victory and triumph in your situiation. See your desired end results, water it with gratitude and go about your life as if you already have a bountiful harvest inside your barn.
Continue speaking life to your seedlings and watch them grow into healthy crops and trust God to bring forth your harvest. Put your shoulder to the wheels and leave the rest to Him. Our God is Wow-Awesome, Capable and Exceedingly interested in crowning your head with victory. Go on, prepare your land, sow your seed and hope for an abundant harvest and answer to your prayers. It is done in Jesus Name. #ItsDoneinJesusName
Nigerian proverb


  1. Wow…thanks for the reminder. I pray that as I go through the process of preparation and sowing, the Lord provides the daily bread. #ItsDoneinJesusName


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