The Amazing Ingredients of Victory

Chris McCormack Quote 2The Double M bus that ferries Winners Chapel believers from Ngong Town every Sunday fills my mind with a thousand ‘what if’ questions. I wonder what would happen if I was to flag down the bus and get on board. While onboard, the driver and passengers are don’t notice I have never boarded the bus before.

I have two options.

I can either tell the driver I needed a lift and ask him to drop me at the Posta Stage so I can attend service at my usual church. Or, perhaps out of embrassment and fear, I end up at the Winners Chapel at Adams. The first option would open up limitless opportunities for growth, while the second would add to my growing list of ‘what if’ questions.

The Amazing Ingredients of Victory

As Christians we lead fearful lives that prevent us from seeing and experiencing victorious living. The second option is by default since it is more easier to fail at something than it is to attempt what seems impossible. Deep in my heart, I believe the Double M drvier would happily agree to give me a lift and drop me at my usual church instead of insisting the bus is exclusively for Winners Chapel believers.

This should give me the courage to attempt things I deem impossible. Are there goals you have shied away as a result of fear? Is there a relationship you have failed to pursue as result of feeling inferior? Is there a dram job you have steered away from as a result of feeling incapable?

God is in the active business of making the impossible possible. His Word assures of this in Philipians 4:13. Open your eyes and heart to the possiblities that God is presenting before you today. Grab a hold of them and lead a victorious life. It is done in Jesus Name! Just think about it. #ItIsDoneInJesusName

“There is no one magic move or secret that creates victory, but lots of little items that when added together can make you victorious.”

– Bill Toomey, 1968 Olympic decathlon champion





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  1. Thanks James for this, the ‘what ifs’ have plagued and held back a lot of talent and gifts. its time to get out of the comfort zone and trust God without leaning on our understanding.


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