An open letter to the lady getting married on Saturday



A not-so-close Facebook friend recently shared her joy when her husband came back from a 40-day job assignment. 10% of the responses she got compared her sexual inactivity to the 40-day fast Jesus had in the wilderness. I met her last Sunday and briefly shared my opinion with her.

On the same day, our church prayed for a couple who are going to get married this weekend. As a result, I am writing an open letter to the lady getting married on Saturday.

A stick of dynamite

Facebook, and other online social networking forums, can be a great tool when used wisely. Used foolishly, it can also be a dangerous stick of dynamite that can ruin your relationship. Every word and photo you will share will be misunderstood however harmless it may seem.

5 things you should avoid on social media

  1. Posting photos of your honeymoon destination
  2. Tracking major milestones such as… ‘OMG, 4 days to saying “I do!”
  3. Posting too many photos tracking every moment of your lives
  4. Adding hashtags that show off your spouse as being #theluckyone #theonehekeptforme #theloveofmylife #dontwerocktogether
  5. Breaking and making up on your Facebook wall


There is nothing wrong with expressing your joy, love and affection towards your spouse. However, Facebook being what it is, you need to exercise caution. Think and consider your motive, intention and the alternative methods available before using social media as a means of expression.

Expressing your joy, love and affection for each other should be a daily habit. However, there is a big difference between being a supportive spouse and continually reminding the whole world that you are married to a thoughtful romantic, a great cook, your soul mate etc.

The same applies to what happens when your spouse comes home and what happens. These things should be reserved for your private time together where they are needed most. Think about these things as you prepare to walk down the aisle this coming Saturday. May God protect and provide for your marriage, now and forever. Amen!




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