Today is World Button Day

Members of the British Army band sewing buttons at Five Star Academy, 2015

Did you know that today is World Button Day?

This special day is set aside for collecting, using and celebrating buttons. Buttons are small fasteners, mostly made from plastic. However, they can also be made from wood and seashells. Buttons play the important role of securing two pieces of fabric together. They can also be used to fasten pockets, bags and wallets.

At Lifesong Kenya, buttons mean the whole world to us. Collecting and using buttons gives us the utmost joy. There is nothing that surpasses the joyful smiles that crack the parched lips of thankful children.

“It was the first I used a needle to sew buttons! I didn’t know there were children who lacked and needed buttons.

How our love affair with buttons began


Our fascination and ‘love affair’ with buttons began in 2013. Jared and I were seated at home, worrying about resources, bus fare and wondering whether we were doing the right thing by sticking our necks out. I kept wondering how I was going to be able to inspire the children we were working with to keep hoping for a better future when our present looked gloomy.

Getting 80 shillings to travel from Kawangware to Dagoretti wasn’t easy. Food and house rent were other sources of our major worries. Unknown to us, using buttons was soon going to change our lives and transform Lifesong Kenya. I still remember the day Jared and I arrived at Dagoretti Girls Rehabilitation Centre.

After the opening prayers, we asked the girls if they had torn dresses they needed to be sewed. Thankfully, most of the dresses also needed buttons. When we arrived back home in the evening, we were exhausted and hungry. However, we were happy with the work we had done. Since then, we have managed to sew buttons for hundreds of children in Nairobi, Uasin Gishu, Maralal and Baragoi.

Celebrating buttons


Buttons has become a cornerstone of our work. They delight us. They crown our overall vision with hope for better things to come. They provide windows of opportunities where our children get to encounter life changing experiences that wouldn’t have been possible without buttons. Here’s to a happy 3rd anniversary of using buttons!

Moms are like buttons. They hold everything together!


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