Running for My Life 2017 Goals

My desire is to share the love of Jesus Christ with as many children as possible in 2017

The Year 2016 was filled with lots of challenges, triumph and bigger mountains to climb. I had just gotten married and therefore needed to review my goals. I realized I needed to consider and seriously think about my work as a writer, reading club facilitator and full time volunteer with Lifesong Kenya.

Even my wife had agreed to take care of our daily needs as a family – as I sought to stabilize myself – I wasn’t so comfortable with the arrangement. Besides, my Nilotic heritage and background expects nothing less. It is the desire of every man to fully provide for his wife and family.

“Honey,” I said, one cold morning. “I’m thinking of disbanding Lifesong Kenya,” I said.

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked.

“I want to look for a job so I can provide for us,” I replied.

“Is that the only reason?” she asked “This is what I want you to do before you answer me,” she continued. “Take time to think about your decision. Pray and ask God for guidance.”

Running for My Life 2016

I wanted to answer her and be done with the issue. There and then. Instead, I chose to seek God in prayer. The following day, I begun running. My decision to run was based on the fact that I wanted to find the reason why I needed to disband or continue developing Lifesong Kenya.

I looked at the things I had achieved since I begun in 2012. The faces of boys and girls I had met in juvenile prison, rehab, informal schools and in Nairobi, Eldoret and Northern Kenya flashed by. While I had nothing material to show for the work I had done, my heart filled with untold joy.

If I were just to earn from my writing and reading club, I would focus my attention to growing Lifesong Kenya. Despite the challenges I was facing financially and lack of material wealth, I was a blessed man. I was where I wanted to be and doing what I wanted to do. It didn’t me that long to think about the answer I wanted to give my wife.

“I want to run and raise funds through half marathons,” I said, the night before I begun running for life. “I am going to run and seek God’s guidance ans instruction.”

“Okay,” she said. “Let’s do this!”

2016 Achievements

  • Collecting buttons, sewing thread and needles
  • Running in six marathons (2 finisher’s medals) and a duathlon (silver medal)
  • Hearing God’s voice to resume my work with boys in juvenile prison

2017 Challenges

Though I am still not earning enough from my writing clients, I want to do more in 2017 and the many years to come.  Having clients and work as a writer will enable me to provide for my growing family as well as have the resources I need for my work with boys in juvenile prison. I also need a mountain bike, swimming and running gear in order to take part in fundraising events.

2017 goals

  • Be a better husband to my wife
  • Get more clients and stable income from writing and reading club
  • Resume juvenile prison ministry
  • Sew buttons for 500 children
  • Mentor 3 young men
  • Establish a library in Baragoi, Samburu County
  • Run in a major world marathon i.e. the Chicago, New York or London Marathon


I have already started preparing for my first marathon which will be in March. I have also resumed contact with 4 of my mentees and will soon resume the prison program despite the limited resources I currently have. All I can do right now is focus on the job at hand and leave the rest to the world and to God.

Here’s to a successful 2017!

For more about my work follow the following links. 

How to Get Involved

You can email to encourage me or just say hi. You can also donate sewing machines, needles, buttons, story books, running and swimming gear, mountain bike or money. For financial support use this link.


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