Running for My Life 2017 Day 17

I wasn’t ready to hit the ground running when my alarm went off at 4:30 am. I felt groggy, sleepy and didn’t want to be out there – in the cold running. I wanted to enjoy the warmth of my bed and push the thought of running to another time. I found myself where I had been the evening before – making more excuses!

“I will run tomorrow,” I thought, as I stretched my hand to hit the snooze button. “Mmmmhhh, that wasn’t so difficult,” I reasoned, tucking my sleepy self beneath the blanket.

“Aren’t you going to run today,” my wife asked.

“I’m on it ma’am,” I replied.

Baby steps

Consistent running is easy when you learn how to turn your baby steps into consistency. When I begun running last year, I could not run 2 kilometres without walking half of the way. With time, the seeds of self-doubt plagued my mind and I struggled a lot. I kept finding new reasons not to continue running.

Why are you running? What for? And why running for your life? my friends kept asking, on and on. Truth be told, I didn’t have a tangible reason. My running was purely for purposes of listening to God concerning whether or not I should resume mentoring boys in juvenile prison or not. The other reason was to raise funds for my work.

As time went by, two things became clear. God spoke to me, through my morning runs, marathons and the duathlon event I took part in. I needed to resume my work with boys in juvenile prison. The second thing that became clear was the fact that I was going to fully trust and fully depend on God.

Raising funds through running hasn’t been successful. In fact, I use more money and resources to sign up for events. Last year, I spent more than I was able to raise. Were it not for my wife’s sacrificial support, I wouldn’t have managed to run 5 marathons and participate in one duathlon event.

Many were the times she drove me – hundreds of kilometres away from Nairobi – and spent a lot of time in helping me to prepare for events instead of resting during her work off days. The Kericho Triathlon Series is a perfect example of an event where I needed her by my side.

My wife dropped me and my bike at Nakumatt Prestige after which I went to Wheels of Africa to prepare the bike for the event. Six hours later, she came back from her work to pick me up for the 6 hour trip to Kericho. Since I still didn’t have a driver’s licence, that meant long hours of driving after 3 hours of standing in class, giving a lecture.

Just like the other past events I had been involved in, I didn’t have enough resources to take care of everything. I therefore didn’t have money for accommodation. Deep in my heart I prayed and hoped we could sleep – seated – inside the car. Unknown to me, the 5K running, 20K biking and 2.5K running that awaited me the next morning needed 8 solid hours of sleep in the right place. Not at the back of the car!

Fortunately, God took care of our accommodation. My wife was able to find a bed while I comfortably slept on the flour knowing she was safe and comfortable. Sleeping on the flour was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to mix and mingle with people who were well versed in swimming, biking and running.

Breaking my virginity in duathlon

Receiving a silver medal compensated for my wife’s sacrificial support

Six hours later, we woke up to a cold morning, a heavy breakfast and my wife’s cheerful and heart-warming smile. I took breakfast while absorbing every lesson that the veterans shared around the breakfast bed. Because it had rained the night before, the ground was muddy and slippery.

By the time I joined the other participants, I knew there was no going back. I was ready for my next challenge. I ran, biked, carried the bike where it was rocky and breezed where the hills rolled. Even though I later crashed during the third lap of the biking course, I picked myself up – knowing I had to finish second in order to win a medal to say ‘thank you’ to my wife.

These are the things I was thinking about while running this morning. I hope to run in several marathons and take part in triathlons. Swimming lessons and having a bike require resources that are way beyond my current income from writing. I am trusting that God will supply and provide much more than I can ever imagine or think of.

Today’s milestones

Distance: 11.8KM

Duration: 1 hr 16 mins 17 secs

Music: Euge Groove (Livin’ Large) & Travis Greene (The Hill)

Runners waved to: 3

“The heart, my friends, is a remarkable organ that generally ignores our carefully laid plans in favor of unexpected opportunities for love. Our lesson then is a simple one; we inspire one another not by the things we say but by the things we do and believing that we can be assured good news will be passed on in ways we don’t always expect when we open our hearts to the most helpless among us,”

Notes From The Heart Healer movie



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