The One Trouser Man’s Answered Prayer

I know that when I pray, something wonderful happens. Not just to the person or persons for whom I’m praying, but also something wonderful happens to me. I’m grateful that I’m heard.”

Maya Angelou


I recently had a look-over-your-shoulder-and-see-what-God-is-doing conversation with John Wollwerth. For some reasons, I felt like the dark clouds of disappointments, frustrations and my personal inadequacy was going to swallow me alive. I did what I find myself doing during those times: I flirted with throwing in the towel.

Whenever I think this way, I usually feel like I have achieved nothing. Trust me, I am not one to give up easily. And 4 years is a long time – when you find yourself with a vision and a mission to reach out to boys in juvenile prison without resources and finances but loads needles, sewing thread and buttons!

It gets harder when your source of income isn’t bearing fruits and the clients you get aren’t paying for services rendered. It is also difficult when those around you – in church where you are involved in ministry seems not to understand, care or want to support what you are doing.

The One Trouser Man’s answered prayer

3 years ago, I used to refer to myself as the One Trouser Man. It was a brown khaki trouser that served me well. However, I couldn’t leave the house when I washed it. There were times I would miss church and fail to turn up for the ‘gift exchange’ that used to happen in our music ministry.

Not only did I have one trouser, I also didn’t have a decent pair of shoes. Now CITAM Woodley isn’t a church you walk in and out of wearing one trouser, an upturned shirt collar and a pair of shoes that collected lost coins, pebbles and manner of junk in its cracked sole. I was staying in a single room house that had boxes of books lying everywhere and a beautiful vision board that hang on the wall.

It was the vision board that I looked at every time I wasn’t able to pray. I looked at it whenever I didn’t have rent, food or bus fare to go to prison. After awhile, I begun receiving ‘relief from church’. Then one day, I made a decision that changed my life and the way I looked at things as a One Trouser Man.

I decided not to receive the relief anymore. Instead, I kept sharing my goals, vision and a desire to have resources for my writing and children’s reading club. It was a tough season for me. Luckily, I had friends who stood with me, most of them were strangers I had met on Facebook and World Pulse.

God’s answer to the One Trouser Man’s prayer

Most times, Jared and I would walk on foot for sessions with girls at Dagoretti Girls Rehab Centre and the prison. We would arrive there dusty, hungry and tired. I look back to those days and wonder where we got the courage to stand before those wonderful young people to talk about courage and having a purpose in life.

All would be well until the landlord either cut off our power, locked our house due to rent arrears, my trouser failed to dry in time for church or we had no food to put on the table. Then Jared and I would pray when we could or simply look at my vision board when we couldn’t pray.

Most of the time, listening to Luciano’s Its Me Again Jah would pull me through the tough times. We also knew and strongly believed that God cared about us and that He had a good plan for us. After I had turned down relief food from church and failed to get capital for my business ideas, I made a bold step of faith where God answered me big time! God gave me a lady (now my wife) who is completely sold out to my vision and mission in life.

Fast forward to 2017

I look at my vision board and realize God has been answering my prayers, one after the other. And thanks to John Wollwerth I am able to discover what has – all along – been there. God has, is and will continue being faithful in answering my prayers and meeting my needs. Indeed, I am not where I used to be.

My immediate goal used to be getting a laptop, stable internet for my writing, a bike, biking and running gear for my fundraising through duathlons and marathons. And would you believe it? God is coming through for me.

I am no longer worrying about a bike or running gear. I have 3 clients already and trust God for more. I am finally at a position where resuming my ministry at the juvenile prison excites me. What’s more… being able to write is simply an answered prayer that I had while growing up.

I am usually at a loss and don’t have the right words to explain God’s doing in my life. How He blesses a man who doesn’t know beyond The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want baffles me. But this much I know. God cares about people who are interested in helping the widow, the orphan and the oppressed.

Do not grow weary in doing good. And keep believing and trusting God. Don’t forget to make bold steps of faith because without doing so, you deprive the world of a beautiful testimony that will inspire someone.

Despite your present circumstances, Our Wow-Awesome God is actively involved in the business of answering prayers. My prayer is that you will continue aspiring to do good, keep believing in yourself and continue working towards achieving your goals. You can do this…

We were all born with a certain degree of power. The key to success is discovering this innate power and using it daily to deal with whatever challenges come our way.”

Les Brown

Running for My Life 2017: Day 46

Distance: 46.1 km

Duration: 2:38:37

Elevation: 439 m

Max speed: 57.2 km/h

Av Speed: 17.5 km/h

Running for My Life continues

This is an excerpt from Running for My Life, a book I am writing about my experiences after I quit my job as TV producer to focus on mentoring boys in juvenile prison.  I will be including parts of it in my daily posts. 


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