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The Miracle that Happened On My Way to Prison

We still need 24 more pairs of rubber sandals for boys in juvenile prison
I was on my way to prison yesterday when I felt a huge impression in my heart to take a huge step of faith. Having done this before I debated whether to go ahead or not. My failure to get stuff and resources for my work with boys in juvenile prison pains my heart most of the time.
I have asked for stuff and money from friends, Bible Study members, church ministry workers, have taken part in half marathons, triathlons and asked nearly every person I meet in matatus and lifts for help. Most times I fail miserably and it frustrates and wears me down.
But yesterday was completely different. All I had was my phone and Facebook. In the end, I decided to plunge in and leave the rest to God. I shared that the boys I mentor in juvenile prison need footwear (underwear and warm clothes).
Victory Belongs to Jesus Christ
A few minutes later, a lady I have never met offered to buy 16 pairs of footwear. I shared this good news with the boys during our session. Much as they were overjoyed to hear this huge breakthrough, I kept thinking about the extra 84 boys who would miss out on this blessing.
In the evening, I went to church for choir practice, still thinking about the extra pairs of footwear I needed. I kept silently praying, hoping and trusting God. Going back, I received a second donation that has taken care of 60 more pairs!
I still need 24 more pairs. However, I am grateful for what God is and has been doing in my life and ministry. Engaging in ministry work isn’t easy but God’s divine provision surpasses human capability.
The boys we mentor through Lifesong Kenya needs lots of things. Getting footwear is just the beginning. We have a vision that has outgrown our personal resources and need the involvement of other people like you. All I can do is keep working, believing, trusting and working in obedience. There is much to be done and the victory belongs to Jesus Christ!

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