Lifesong Club House


Lifesong Club House aims at creating a passion for purposeful living, reading, creative writing, critical analysis of issues and purposeful living as opposed to watching too much TV and engaging in social vices that don’t add value to children.

The club activities seek to empower children into responsible adulthood by using reading, story telling, mentoring and capacity building initiatives.

“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”  

– Mary Schmich


Our Objectives

a) To make reading a social experience as well as an individual activity that can be adopted and carried into adulthood as opposed to watching too much TV or engaging in social vices

b) To develop an interest for purpose-filled lifestyle in children in early stage of life

c) To teach and instill positive values and virtues in children and young people

d) To provide a forum where children will freely learn how to critically analyze issues that they face in the society

e) To generate income and sustenance for Lifesong Kenya activities and programs


The reading programme has activities that;

  • Improves children’s interest in creativity, learning, reading and writing
  • Challenges children to live purposefully
  • Teaches children their role and responsibility in changing the world
  • Empowers children with skills that will enable them to find creative solutions to issues facing them
  • Equips children with skills that will lead to responsible TV viewing and consumption
  • Qualifies your child for discounts on selected items and shops
  • Gives you the opportunity to support our work and programmes for vulnerable children and young people

Final thoughts

The Lifesong Club House’s overall aim is to empower children to be able to identify the inborn treasure they possess. Not only will this enable them to live purposeful lives, they will also transform the lives of those around them.

Get in touch and sign up your child for our exciting reading experience.

“To learn to read is to light a fire” 

— Victor Hugo, Les Miserables


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