Lifesong Kenya

Lifesong Kenya is an organization that I started with an aim of empowering children and young people into responsible adulthood through reading, discipleship, mentoring and capacity building. The program provides a forum for positive role models to encourage, support and guide young people to take full responsibility for their actions.

Through our programs the recipients learn how to develop character, conscience, compassion and courage in order to live lives that are full of purpose and productivity. They also learn that they have a unique purpose and mission to fulfill and that they are not just passing by.

Lifesong Kenya involves mentors who volunteer in juvenile prison, rehab and informal schools as we seek to empower our young people to make positive changes in their lives and use available resources to advance in their chosen fields of career.

Feel free to check the Lifesong Kenya website and find out how you can get involved as a prayer partner, donor or volunteer. I am sure you will have fun either way.


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