Charles Edwards, Five Star Academy Founder

We are really happy with what Life Song Kenya is doing for our kids here at Five Star Academy. It is 5 years now since Life Song started working with our kids here through James Ouma. I personally knew James just as a new friend. Through him Life Song came in. our young boys and girls have developed an attitude of working hard however the limitations in their lives through Life Song Kenya. They have learnt
that the situations they are going through are not permanent and that one day things will change – having positive view of what is happening in their lives is what is important…

Life Song Kenya through James Ouma has left a permanent mark into the hearts of these needy kids and I personally believe that one of their needs has been met…there are a lot of things we really need to help these kids but we need more of Life Song Kenya than ever.

I vividly remember the script jams carried for our kids last Teusday, the 2nd about Turkana. It was a mind blowing story. It taught my kids a lot…from creatively in composition writing to discovering their potential and purpose in their lives …there are a lot of resources a school like this  need but Life Song Kenya is more resourceful to us here than we can describe