Mary Njoki

My name is Mary Njoki. I am a mother of three, Patience (16), Sunday (13) and Felix (20). I live with my 87 year old mom and work as a casual laborer who do laundry work. 3 years ago, there was a misunderstanding between our neighbour and us which resulted into Felix being taken to prison where he met James. My son’s imprisonment affected as since we had to use the money we had to bail Felix out of prison and our house was locked up due to lack of rent.

James has stood with our family since he met Felix in prison. He has been praying and encouraging us. His mentorship with Felix has changed my son into a determined young man who wants to do the best in life. My joy will be complete if my children can go to a better school. I am also ready and willing to do any business that will change my financial circumstances.